"Occupancy sensing is going to change dramatically in coming years."


"Traditional systems are limited in their scope, often missing critical activities such as periods of rest or sleep."


"Accuracy and unforeseen data shall disrupt all people sensing solutions."

VISERO a standalone real-time people sensing solution

Engineered to precision, VISERO's robust data analytics capabilities enable Cruise Ship Owners and large-scale Hotels to gain a comprehensive understanding of space utilization onboard and within their premises.

Whether it's optimizing HVAC systems for energy conservation or enhancing security protocols, the applications are far-reaching and immediately actionable. 

VISERO as a solution

A cyber-physical system that integrates into existing environment, senses occupants and their behavior, delivers data to Customer's Data Cloud

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By partnering with VISERO, you can accelerate your green transition and tap into previously untapped opportunities.

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Business development

Gaining a deep understanding of occupants' behavior and their utilization of your assets is the key to unlocking valuable data-driven insights that can inform your business decisions.

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Exceptional Service

From streamlining operations to creating personalized interactions, working with VISERO can help you elevate your customer experience and achieve new levels of success.